Feb 20, 2023 | Blockchain, Projects

Trustless, easy-to-use data storage and transfer.

Web3.Storage – The easiest way to store data on the decentralized web.



  • Most decentralized storage services either need users to jump through hoops (like having to buy cryptocurrency) or aren’t truly decentralized.


  • With Web3.Storage, data storage and transfer is both easy-to-use and trustless
  • Any data format can be uploaded via Web3.Storage API or through the web interface.
  • The process is simple, quick and secure. 

Value Proposition

  • With Web3.Storage users get all the benefits of decentralized storage technologies with the frictionless experience expected in a modern workflow.

Underlaying Magic

  • All data stored is accessible on the public IPFS network via a content ID – interoperable with the tools and services building on the decentralized web.
  • With Web3.Storage, users get decentralized storage in minutes. By using a simple client library or the HTTP API directly – all users need is a free API token.

Business Model

  • The unique economics of Filecoin allow Web3.Storage to be completely free to use, while still ensuring that storage providers have a strong incentive to preserve user data for the long term.