Smart Places

Mar 3, 2023 | Blockchain, Projects, Social

The next-gen Social media

Smart Places – The next-gen Social media



  • Our world is turning into a global village, but strangely, individuals are becoming increasingly isolated from one another. 


  • Smart Places solves this problem by delivering a new generation of social media which helps users to meet and interact in real life, instead of just virtually.

Value Proposition

  • Through the Smart Places social app, users can easily locate individuals, events and business offers based on their geographic location and preferences!

Underlaying Magic

    • Furthermore, the protocol is driven by blockchain technology which gives users full ownership of their data, and even allows them to monetize it.

    Business Model

    • Through a unique model called “Connect2Earn”; the ecosystem rewards users who share their data in a secure, decentralized environment, and gives them a chance to earn by owning virtual land plot NFTs.