LTO Network

Feb 24, 2023 | Privacy, Projects

The Hybrid blockchain privacy solution

LTO Network – The Hybrid blockchain privacy solution



  • Privacy – a great reason to use decentralized applications, however with the arrival of GDPR rules it has become difficult for such projects to remain regulatory compliant. 


  • LTO Network is a hybrid chain that allows information to be shared privately while relying on public consensus to ensure integrity and regulatory compliance.

Value Proposition

  • It can be used to Secure, Exchange, & Verify critical data, digital assets, and identities.

Underlaying Magic

    • By operating on a 2 layer basis; a part of the data remains on the private layer and an aspect of it is logged on the public layer to protect users’ data.

    Business Model

    • The network leverages a unique variation of the proof-of-stake consensus called proof of importance, which rewards stakers according to the amount of tokens they hold.