Feb 22, 2023 | Analytics, Projects

Unlocking the power of public blockchain analytics

Dune – Unlocking the power of public blockchain analytics



  • The blockchain space is filled with enormous amounts of data about tokens, NFTs and overall market movements.
  • Being able to understand and track this data would create a great advantage to any investor in the market. 


  • Meet Dune, the analytics platform that turns on chain data into easily understandable information for its users.

Value Proposition

  • Dune provides all the tools to query and extract vast amounts of data from the blockchain and turns it into publicly available dashboards.

Underlaying Magic

    • Analytics are operated through a community driven model where anyone can request queries, and the data is converted into simple graphs and charts.

    Business Model

    • Dune platform is free to use, with a paid plan offered for extra features such as private queries.