APY Finance

Mar 3, 2023 | DeFi, Projects

The automated yield-earning protocol.

APY Finance – The automated yield-earning protocol



  • Yield Farming in Decentralized finance is an attractive opportunity for investors who want to save their time while earning crypto.
  • On the other hand, finding the right protocol, pool and strategy is a difficult and time-consuming task.


  • Meet APY.Finance, the protocol which unifies the highest quality yield sources in the Curve ecosystem into a single pool for users.

Value Proposition

  • Instead of spending time to find the best strategy, users can utilize the APY.Finance protocol to save their time while earning crypto. 

Underlaying Magic

    • The protocol automatically rearranges user funds into different yield pools, and maximises earning through autocompunding.

    Business Model

    • To fund the platform, a small 0.1% fee is introduced when withdrawing funds from the pool.