Hello 👋

My name is Beau (say hello on LinkedIn), founder of Hopium Herald and Slance.

We want to accelerate global Web3 adoption by making it easy to find projects that deserve the spotlight. We do this with 1 minute video decks that offer at-a-glance project insight and serve as a starting point for a deep dive.

I am part of a team of creatives and business developers that is at the forefront of innovation in the Web3 space:

The Hopium Herald is a ‘sister’ brand of our animation studio Slance, where our video productions serve as the growth strategy of upcoming Web3 projects.

We meet amazing clients and concepts on a daily basis and because of this we are in the front seat of discovering new brands and ideas.

Herald’s video newsletter is simply the result of our love for visualizing data and business insights.

We truly hope you enjoy our content, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us.